street style

street style

Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses
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I feel like there’s so many people in this world doing things for other people rather than for themselves. People become so focused on pleasing others, but why? Maybe because we want to be accepted in a way others want us to be, and we keep on doing so to avoid disappointing them. Later you don’t really realize you have been sinking into a dark hole called society. You look around and you can’t seem to find yourself because you don’t know who you are anymore. You’re nothing but a body made up of thoughts, ideas, and expectations of those you’ve let make you.Don’t let this happen to yourself, start doing what makes you happy. We all need to stop being so obsessed of what others have to say and think about us. Have your own expectations for yourself and accept yourself for who you really are.

Our Teen Years

When you tell someone in high school you just want to have fun, automatically they think you want to do bad things that you shouldn’t be doing. Like parents always want to hear the negative things they always expect us to mess up. We are teenagers things happen we all go through that phase. It’s like expecting a new born baby to already know how to walk and talk. Yes , we do dumb things,but that’s how us humans work we are still developing. Everyone goes through it, it will take some time to be mature. Eventually we will be fully grown adults we are expected to be, but for now we will enjoy the young years we have that make us who we are as a person.