Live Good

Everyday your gonna wake up in the morning, get dressed, look good feel good , and your gonna live everyday like it’s your last. Like Jake Kerouac once said “Be in love with your life, every minute of it” There’s no time to relate back to negative things in the world , or even living in regret. Things happen but it stays in the past, you have a whole future to look forward to. Do more, live your life good, follow your dreams, go on adventures. It’s never to late for change. Each and every one of us humans is beautiful, so go on and live a beautiful life.



Life is full of people who have just gave up on their dreams. It’s not always that persons fault. There might have been certain people in their lives who might have put them down, gave them a hard time, and stuff like that. That’s where self motivation comes in. Motivation doesn’t come in different forms, it’s basically the desire to do something. For example, loosing weight, being successful, passing your classes in college. You need to work hard  for everything in this life. Nothing is just given to you. Get out of  your comfort zone, set out and thrive for who you want to be. You can do anything.